School Events

We find the participants who do the best in our environments are students. With a heavy emphasis on problem solving, math skills, and teamwork, student groups will do a tremendous amount of learning without even knowing it.

The Reasons Why

a student
The Real Escape is an affordable fun activity for student groups. We offer a special rate of $22 per student for field trip groups that book Monday through Friday 10:30am – 4:45pm as long as minimum group sizes are met
Its easy to bring an entire class as our facility has enough space to accommodate 56 students! Our eight completely unique rooms help to ensure that everyone will find a theme that appeals to them.
days a week
With the longest daytime operating hours in the city, finding a time that works is simple. We have plenty of availability to accommodate students and their teacher’s busy schedules.

The Benefits

  • Fun

    All of our escape rooms contain thematic elements and technology that create a whole new kind of learning experience.

  • Cooperation

    In order to excel at our rooms, students must complete the tasks as a team. By striving to achieve a common goal, they will be brought together through communication and cooperation.

  • Problem Solving

    Escape rooms challenge conventional thinking; puzzle difficulties vary greatly. You’ll see your class solving novel problems in every room.