Corporate Events

The nature of our creative gameplay requires a tremendous amount of teamwork and communication, making our rooms an optimal choice for team building exercises and corporate events. Not only will lasting relationships be built through a common mission, but your team will be talking about their experience and forming stronger bonds for weeks after they escape. Book as many of our eight rooms as you need and come on down for the best team-building activity you’ll ever plan!

The Reasons Why

a person
We offer a discounted rate for corporate groups of 20 or more participants that book from Monday-Friday between 10:30am-4:45pm.
We provide the perfect amount of space for small to medium sized businesses to comfortably fit an entire staff. Our eight completely unique rooms help to ensure that everyone will find a theme that appeals to them.
days a week
With the longest daytime operating hours in the city, finding a time that works is simple. We have plenty of availability to fit your team's schedule.

The Benefits

  • Communication

    Your team must work together efficiently in order to succeed. Miscommunicating makes it difficult to progress, and attention to detail is key.

  • Time Constraints

    Groups have only 60 minutes to solve all the puzzles in a room to successfully escape. Every second counts in our rooms.

  • Problem Solving

    Escape rooms challenge conventional thinking as puzzle difficulties vary greatly.