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Corporate team building

Perfect for small to medium sized companies

If you are interested in strengthening your employee's critical thinking and team building, our product is perfect for you.

5 reasons why The Real Escape is an ideal team building exercise for your company

1. Thought Process

The clues and puzzles have been specifically designed to incorporate different types of thinkers. The team must recognize the problems at hand and choose an individual who may be stronger in that area. 

2. Abstract Thought

The game requires and encourages the team to look outside the box. It is quite evident that once you enter the room, things are not as they seem.

3. Time Constraints

You must solve difficult clues and puzzles as a team on a time constraint which mirrors working under pressure in the real world.

4. Delegation and Leadership

In the chaos and confusion that awaits in the room, participants must take charge and delegate certain tasks and manage time wisely.

5. A Good Time

People will have a great time. This event will prove to be a memorable experience for all!