You and your crew have awakened from hyper sleep to an emergency S.O.S transmission from the nearby research vessel Vergo- 01. An alien specimen they were studying has broken loose and killed members of their team. Your goal is to save any remaining survivors and destroy the ship.  

Groups must be between 6-8 people. 

Please Note: This room is intended to be scary and is not recommended for younger audiences

Please note: In order to fully participate in this room, all group members must be able to crawl on hands and knees at least 20 feet. 

In the midst of the cold war, you and your crew have been assigned to launch a pre-emptive nuclear strike when you receive an EMERGENCY ACTION MESSAGE that Soviet submarines armed with torpedoes have surrounded your vessel. Can you evade the attacks and reach the surface, or will you be trapped beneath the ocean's crushing depth. 

Groups must be between 6-10

Suggested group size 6-8

Please note: Flat footwear must be worn as the floor is steel grates. Please let all team members know. 

You and your group wake up and have been locked in a room by a man posing as a doctor. He tells you that you must solve a series of tests to determine your current mental state. If you are able to complete them successfully in 60 minutes or less, you will be set free. If you are not able to complete them in time… well… this room will become much more familiar to you in the decades to come….

​Groups must be between 4-8

​Suggested group size 4-6

Below is a breakdown of common types of groups.

Double Dates

One of our most common groups are 2 couples getting together to catch up, and have a good time.


Whether you're planning a birthday party or gathering your colleagues for a holiday work party, The Real Escape will provide a truly memorable experience.

Corporate Groups 

Small to medium sized companies love using The Real Escape Canada to provide an exciting outing for their employees to build teamwork and boost morale. Please see our "Team Building" page for more details. 


Whether your kids are in their 40's or in their teens, we can provide the backdrop for bringing the family together for an adventurous outing. 


Our game has been developed to replicate computer based escape games....but in real life. People who enjoy mysterious puzzle type play, may now step through and join the game themselves.


Current Escape Rooms

Your Team

60 Minutes

Your team will be locked in a mysterious room filled with puzzles and clues. YOU HAVE 1 HOUR TO ESCAPE. Use logic, skill, speed and teamwork to master the game and complete the tasks required to walk out the final door before the hour ends. 


What to expect...

You have booked a private tour of the Winnipeg Nuclear Energy Corporation (WNEC). While in the Research and Development room, a catastrophic systems failure occurs resulting in a complete lockdown. Unfortunately for your group, there is only one emergency exit and it resides in a highly restricted area within the room. With an imminent meltdown occurring in 60 minutes and a complete communication loss to the outside world, you must explore the room for clues to help move your team to safety.

Groups must be between 4-8

You and your gang have carefully planned out the greatest BANK HEIST in the history of Winnipeg. Your window of opportunity has arrived. The robbery must take place between 3am and 4am. You’ve dug the tunnel leading into the bank and now you must figure out how to get into the highly secure vault.

Your Goal: Steal $1,000,000 and collect the precious diamond.

The hard part will be not only getting in…but also getting out!!!

An armored vehicle is scheduled for a pick up at the bank at 4am. You have 60 minutes….GO!!!!

Groups must be between 4-10

Locals know it simply as “The Mavis House”.  On June 6, 1956, Edward Mavis and son David were found brutally murdered in the home. Many believe there are spirits that continue to reside within the dark hallways of the home. You and your friends decide to break-in to find out for yourself what dark secrets lay within its walls. Can you unravel the mystery of Mavis House? Or will it find you first?

Please note: This room is intended to be scary and is not recommended for younger audiences. 

Groups must be between 4-7 

You are members of the Royal Family living in The Tower of London. For the last three years, you have been at war with the neighbouring kingdom and are being held under siege with all exits guarded by the enemy. There is a rumour of a secret passage that Arthur and his knights once used that allegedly leads out of the castle undetected. To save your kingdom and survive the siege, you must solve the knight’s puzzles and escape before the enemy burns the castle down. 

​Groups must be between 6-14

​Suggested group size 8-10

Please note: The Castle requires participants to go up one step.

The year is 1942. You and your group have been wrongly convicted of a horrifying murder and sentenced to death in the electric chair. You have had your last meal and you've said your good-bye's. As you await your execution, you are given one hour of quiet reflection time free from any prison guards. You can accept your fate OR use what little time you have left to save your lives and ESCAPE FROM DEATH ROW. You have 60 minutes......GO!

Time slots are now available for booking.

Groups must be between 4-8 people

​Suggested group size 6-8